Travel Mug

Pick your color, a saying, whatever,... $18


15 inch tall dog planter, 14" cat, both with 4x6 plant opening behind. $40 each
I think the cat would look funny with ladybug on its nose when finished.
Whimsical frog on lily pads, 6" diameter, the back is lily pads only, $12

Welcome Plaques

Smiling Rock and Flamingo Welcome plaques, $10 glazed or dry-brushed and sealed. 8 inches wide, can be hung or placed next to your sidewalk in flowers...

Bath Accessories

Tissue box cover. Not shown are soap dish, soap pumps, trays to place them on, etc. Price determined by level of detail. $10 glazed simply

Dog with Beware of Dog Sign

"Beware of Dog" embossed on dogbone. Dogbone is removable, dog about 15 inches tall. I can write in your own message on back of bone if you like. Not pictured, an "Attack Kitty" cat. $55 .

I like to use my sign holder statue to hold my kitchen towel.

Rooster Welcome

Large Welcome Rooster, 15 inches tall, $55

Piggy Banks

Vacation Kitty and Smiling Piggy Banks, $18 glazed simply.

All the large welcomes displayed can easily be turned into banks for an additional $5.
A slot cut in the back when it's in greenware and then add a sealed base with a plastic removable plug to raid it without breaking it...that's all it would take!

2 small $2.50, 2 medium $3.00, 2 large (1 pearlized) $3.50.
What you see is what I have--I may not be able to get more to decorate.

Snow People Pins

$3 each. What you see is what I have, and I may not be able to get more to paint.

Poinsettia Pin

$3 each. These I can get more of.

Theme Tiles

Snow People
Close Up

Tray Available for additional $55

Maple Leaf

Dragon Fly

Red Poinsettia

6" unmounted tiles, $35 for set of 4. Extremely versatile! Can be grouted on concrete stepping stone for outdoor decoration, grouted on solid wood for tabletop display (excellent for decoration as well as heatsink for serving hot dishes) or hung on wall for decoration, mounted in tray for a dessert caddy, .... use your imagination for how you can use them.

Poinsettia Chip and Dip

Peppermint poinsettia pictured. Pink, red, white, your choice. $55

St. Patrick's Day

6 inches tall.

Small tabletop decoration. $9

Witch Welcome

includes lighted base, not shown. Stylized "Welcome" above cauldron glows as well as stars cut out of witch's dress.
approximately 18 inches tall
$60 as shown plus base
$55 solid, no base

Ima Goner Tombstone

Inscription says, "RIP. Ima Goner. 1812-1883. I told you I was sick." 8 inches tall

Pumpkins for Sale Scarecrow

$7.50 each

Scrubby or Jewelry Holders, Ashtray

Cartoonish chicken, cat, or dog, $9.50 each.
Send me a photo and I will glaze it in a likeness of your pet.
Cat pictured glazed to match memoboard tiles on Original Artwork webpage. ( Click link at top of this page to view memo boards.

If used as an ashtray, they trap a lot of tar in the top so it doesn't stick in your home.

Sunflower Wreath

Cheery and bright! $30

Tulip Double Spoonrest

Tulip, 2-spoon capacity, spoonrest, tulips can be any color you want. $9.50 + shipping

Hummingbird Trumpet Vine Box

Hummingbirds and trumpet vines on a slate gray ceramic box. Interior plain but sealed. Approximately 4 inches tall and 8 inches in diameter. $30 + shipping

Sunflower Spoonrest

$7 + shipping

Boo! Welcome

Over 14 inches tall, ghost welcome. Can have light added ($5 more) to make the WELCOME glow! $55 +shipping. This original will be kept--a darned good likeness will be painted for you! Choose white or ghastly green ghostie and your color of bow-tie!